Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Getting stuff done

This Memorial Day weekend, I made sure to take time out for knitting. I got a few repeats done on the river scarf and I also cast on and knit a few rows of the front panel of my Viking tank top. Between projects, I dug around in my stash and figured I could try to reduce my stock as well as tack on another item to my auction donation list. I found a hank of wool/mohair yarn from last year's MI Fiber Festival that should be just about enough for a cabled toque, and it shouldn't take too long to whip up. (I was going to make it for myself, but honestly, I don't really need any more hats!!!)

More good news: the Canon Factory finally gave notice that they received my camera! And it will cost under $100 to fix. Now I just have to wait the required 7-10 days for repairs to be made and the camera shipped back to me. I love my 35mm, but it just doesn't translate well when it comes to getting pictures online. And hopefully this time the USPS won't take so long getting it back to me.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Learning about llamas

Yesterday evening after work, I had the opportunity to go to the Fuzzy Farm and learn a little bit about how to shear a llama. One of these days I'd like to have my own fiber animals, but until recently, I didn't know much about llamas besides the fact that I like them (and their fiber). Gayle showed me how to hand shear with scissors and then Rich showed me how to work the clippers using Mariposa as a volunteer. Even after my poor hack job, Mari gave me lots of kisses and shared her grain crumbs with me in the process. As a bonus, I was also shown how to trim their nails. Cassidy was the second llama of the evening to get shorn, but I mostly watched and learned while trying to keep the llamas distracted with a bit of grain. I'm really grateful to Rich and Gayle for what they've showed me! It's not as daunting as I thought it would be. Now all I need is some acreage and some critters of my own.

As far as knitting projects go I've been making slow but steady progress on the River scarf. I gave up on the Mathew scarf for the time being... it's just too tedious of a project and I don't need to get bogged down. I ripped the damned thing out and started some experimental cables with it instead. I hope to see something nice developing in a few more repeats.

Still no definitive word on what's happened to my digital camera. I got a delivery confirmation notice that the box finally arrived at the factory, but whether or not the camera was actually in it has yet to be determined. I sent it to Canon 3 weeks ago. I know that Priority Mail via USPS (usually 2-3 day delivery) isn't guaranteed, but 3 weeks?!?!?!? Come on people. Funny how it showed up the same day I was going to go in and file my insurance claim on the camera. I'll just keep knitting to calm my nerves until someone can tell me something next week.

Monday, May 15, 2006

What's that sound?

It's the sound of auction plans gathering mass and speed with blinding rapidity! But that's a good thing. Reports from Jan indicate that we can use the space at the Women's Club, but we're not sure if we're going to be able to get it donated or not. That's been tabled until the June meeting, as there may be potential conflicts of interest within their organization. Even if we have to pay for space, it shouldn't matter one way or another.

That mostly out of the way, I've been concentrating on getting my stuff out of the way so I can work on knitting up stuff for the auction. This past week I managed to finish knitting in the lining to Tasha (my blue cabled purse), knitting the body to my sari silk purse (no, I'm really not a purse-person, I just happen to like bags...), and generally getting things organized in my craft room. For now, my tank top is partially on hold with the exception of Wednesday night outings to the usual group. My stay at home project is the first item I plan on making up for the auction: the river scarf. The pattern called for lace weight yarn, but what I've actually got is sport weight in a dusty turquoise color. I've only worked up about four inches of it so far, and I'm not sure if I like the way it's coming out or not. With my previous lace experiences (not many) sometimes I find I don't like it until after it's blocked! So, I guess I'll just knit the whole dratted thing and if I hate it, I don't have to wear it do I? I won't even have to keep it!

The second item on my auction knit list is Berocco's Michaela shawl, except mine will be done with a pale yellow-green (appropriately leafy) colored sportweight wool. I'm sure it will turn out just fine, though significantly less metallic than the original. I'd also like to throw in a windsock and perhaps a Lopi sweater if time allows. We'll see how far I get!

And of course I saved the bad news for last: my digital camera is broken. (I dropped it by accident, okay?!?) I sent it back to the factory for repairs, but it has mysteriously vanished en route as my delivery confirmation number has yet to actually confirm anything. Hmm... guess the USPS will be coughing up some insurance money in another week or so. Just my luck.