Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Viking cable scarf hath been conquered!

I went down to the beach behind the VIMS library and put on the last few rows of my Viking cable scarf. I can't believe that it's actually done, minus weaving in the final end. Honestly, I have no idea how long I've been working on it... maybe a year?! More??? It seems like eons ago when I purchased the yarn from Gayle at the Fuzzy Farm. I promised her I'd show her what became of it when I finished, so I guess a drive out there sometime soon will be in order. I still have several skeins of white laceweight stuff I got from her to work up into a shawl, and since I'm too broke to be buying more yarn in the near future, I may actually get around to it sooner than I think.

Finishing a project always feels good, and so does starting one. Unfortunately for me, I have a ton of homework to do tonight. But if I finish at a reasonable hour, I will have to decide: Lopi mittens or Cinnabar scarf? 1% is a pitiful number.


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