Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lopi sweater started

Work has had me absolutely swamped and I've had no time for posting, obviously. But last week, December 1st to be precise, I started one of my three Lopi sweater kits: the gray one, worked in the "traditional" yoked style. I'm always amazed at how fast these things work up! Each sleeve took me three days, and I've since gotten the bottom color band and some of the body worked up. We've already had some nights with temps in the 20s, so I'm keen to get this sweater done!

I've also put in a little work on my gaiter, but not much. I missed last week's Wedesday night knit group because I ended up working late. Stupid fish. Ah well... not much else to report. I hope to have some photos to post soon. It's been ages since I've put up pics of finished objects. There will be no spoiling of xmas presents, however, so forget about sneaking a peek (if you happen to be one of this year's few recipients).


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