Saturday, August 05, 2006

Catching up

Well, so much for the month of July. I was pretty useless! There have been some unexpected twists and turns in my life that have kept me from knitting, but rest assured all is getting back to some kind of normalcy. And then I went on vacation to ride horses at Point Reyes, CA. That's me and Maverick at Sky Camp. One of the few things I'd drop my needles for is horseback riding.

Since I got back, I've been making progress on simple stuff like the Big Bad Baby Blanket for the JCT auction this November, as well as a trial pair of garters for a project that may turn out to be a bit of money in my pocket. (Yes, garters really are done in garter stitch! Go figure.) I spoke with a few people who work at a place called the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation. I guess this place is in need of hand knit items for their historical costumes, so I offered my services. The sign up procedure is going to be a bit of a mess, but perhaps worth it depending on what else they need knit and how much they'll pay per piece. These garters are super easy and would be perfect for knitting in public, especially for chatty knitting groups. I'm through with screwing up lace patterns just to stay in the conversation.

My Viking tank top is going to be on hold until I can get at least a couple more auction items done (BBBB, lace leaf shawl). Then it will be back to knitting for ME. Tank top, cabled sweater... perhaps I can manage to get one of them done before I need to crack down and get some Christmas knitting done. I'm definitely putting off the Camelot stockings for another year, but perhaps I might get the kit as a present for myself. I'll at least have the yarn even if they're not hanging by the fireplace, right?

And speaking of more yarn purchases, the MI fiber festival is coming up soon! I'm going to be heading north next Friday night. There will be a bit of camping in the UP before heading to my basket-making class, and then the actual festival on Saturday. I can't wait to get out of here!! Due to the large size of my stash, my purchases will be limited this go around. Perhaps enough yarn for one or two small, nice projects. I plan on making one of them at Skaska... enough qiviut (if they have sport or worsted weight) to knit myself a nice vest. Oh, what luxury. As for the rest, I'll have to wait and see!


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