Monday, July 03, 2006

River scarf completed!!

Whew. I never thought I was going to be rid of that project, but the lace River Scarf for this year's JCT auction is now done. I knit the last repeat and worked the picot end lace this morning, and I'm sure it's nearly dry as I type. It looks so much better after blocking! Now I can move onto other things.

In celebration of finishing one project, I (of course) started another. At the last meeting of our knitting group, Jan threw the start of her afghan on the table and declared that she was sick of looking at it. We all agreed that the pattern (feather and fan) didn't look quite right with a variegated yarn, so I had to open my big mouth and say I'd find a pattern more appropriate for it. And I think I did, much to my surprise. I'm going to try the Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch 'n Bitch. I'll have to see once it's done if I'm going to market it as a baby blanket, or if there's enough yarn leftover to do a matching pillow cover I'll try to pass the duo off as a more mature lapghan & pillow set.

Also, vacation time is almost here. I'm still nervous about trying to take a project on the plane, but I've got 6 hours of layovers each way and I can't bear the thought of not putting all that time to good use, i.e. knitting. If possible, I'll try to take some of my gift projects with me... otherwise, I've got a SASE to send my needles home.


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