Thursday, March 16, 2006

Scrap Menagerie

I have a small drawer in my craft closet where I keep yarn scraps and with all of the projects I've been doing lately, it's been getting full. What to do with all of them? Catnip mice have proven to be very quick and easy to make. Agouti is one example of the patterns I have in my collection, and the silken braid catnip mouse is an excellent one piece mouse! Picot ears and all, minimal sewing. I used up some of my Noro mitten leavings for a SBCM, and the rest went for Project Alpha. (I have since completed a Project Beta -- these are MUCH more labor intensive than mice and I will only be making them on special occasions!)

So yes, the mittens are done, and I'm back to work on my silk shawl (Cozy). Only 3 more skeins left to knit! I even got to sneak in a few rows at choir practice last night. The weather here is warming up and I should hopefully be done with the shawl just in time for some pleasant spring outings... and mosquitoes.


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