Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The warmest hat in the world

The latest project I started is definitely in the running for the warmest hat in the world! Bev gifted me with some wonderful chiengora (that's poodle "wool" to the rest of you) in two colors, natural white and brown. Each yarn is actually a number of different shades because she used fiber from several different dogs when she spun it. What a wonderful gift it is!!

I started trying to design my own pattern to use with the chiengora, but it just didn't feel right. There's nothing wrong with my design skills, mind you! I have just been coveting a certain hat in one of my pattern books and this was simply the perfect way to put this yarn to use. The pattern is lifted from some socks, a Turkish two-color design. I've almost finished with the first repeat of the pattern, and all I need are 8 inches from the cast on edge... I believe I have 3 inches knit so far. I'm concerned because there is less white than brown, so I hope it will last me long enough! To get gauge, I'm using size 4 16" circulars. The stitch count must be exact for the pattern to work, as the hat pattern is based on a total number of stitches divisible by 3 to make it right. I'm rather pleased with my first attempt at the herringbone edge, too. Though instead of giving an in progress pic, I'll just wait until it's done.


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