Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Barter Cardi: done!

What a relief! Last night before I left for the gym, I finished the button loops, wove in a last few ends, and blocked that puppy. Juli's sweater now sits on the drying rack and my craft room is filled with the lovely aroma of wet wool. Yum. The sweet smell of project completion! (No, really. It smells good.) I used three towels to extract most of the excess water, but if I was smart, I probably would have just thrown it in the washer and put it through the spin cycle. Oh well. What's done is done. As soon as it's dry, I hope to sneak into Juli's office and leave her a little surprise!

As a reward for finishing one project, I started another. The contraband silk yarn I got from the LYS sale is now on the needles: Cozy from Knitty. It took precious minutes to wind the skein into a ball by hand, but I still managed to get 6 rows of the pattern done before I had to go work out. How come mine doesn't look like the picture? I'm sure it will after a few repeats...

Also, something I squeaked in under the radar: a catnip filled mouse for Dopie and Company. (They're three cats belonging to my friend Jeff.) This little rodent was great for using up scraps, as well as the last of my catnip. Good thing I'll be growing more this spring! Here's the finished product posing with my mouse at work.


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