Saturday, January 14, 2006

Knitting conundrum

What to knit next? I've been agonizing over that since I've gotten a few projects completed in record time, and I feel like starting more so I have plenty of WIPs to choose from. I dug through my cedar chest last night and unearthed some llama-paca (it's a blend, I think) sportweight yarn from the Fuzzy Farm I got a couplefew years ago that's been neglected. So I took all of it out, two skeins and a wound ball, and thought on it. For the longest time, I've wanted to make the Matthew scarf, but didn't have the skill to do so when I first found the pattern. In one of many knitting baskets I own now sits the seed stitch start of the scarf!! I'm not going to do the pattern exactly as it is written because I don't want a seaman's style scarf. Rather, I'll just use the lace pattern and do one continuous run of it until it's as long as I want. I'm not sure what my mileage will be with the yarn I've got, as the pattern calls for 4oz of sportweight yarn... I've got way more than that. Depending on what I end up with, I may make a coordinating hat (not like I need another one! or another scarf for that matter, but what the hell) and if I can stretch my yardage far enough, perhaps a second scarf as a gift. It's never too early to start knitting Christmas or birthday presents!! And I've got the 2nd Annual Jasmine Trust Silent Auction to consider, as well.

In consideration for a second project to start, perhaps after Juli's barter cardi is all done, I would like to give Cozy from Knitty a go. You see, my LYS had a sale and I found the exact yarn for the pattern. So, I bought it. (Don't tell!!!)

Also, I gave Scott his completed Antarctic Beanie complete with penguin patch! He loved it and has promised to send a picture of him wearing it while doing his Southern Hemisphere research on algae. I'm really looking forward to seeing it...


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