Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pasha and imminent yarn

Because the large box of yarn from Canada isn't here yet, I started Pasha a couple of days ago to keep me occupied as a transportable project. Juli's barter cardi currently has 4 balls of yarn attached to a sleeve in progress and that sucker isn't going anywhere. Pasha, upon completion, will be a companion to a child's Lopi style sweater -- with penguins -- that a friend of mine is working up for the Poodle Auction. (Yes, that is the beginning of the auction item log on my Flickr site.) I need to get more pictures added to the auction photo log, but the pictures I've taken with my boss's new digital camera are alas, still in the camera.

Pasha is quite a neat little pattern, as this is the first project I've ever done with short row shaping. If you've never tried it before, it's a small easy bit of knitting and when you're done, you'll have a cute penguin for yourself or to give away to someone that needs a little Antarctic love. So far I have finished the back/beak portion and will be casting on for the belly tonight. And of course I'll have to try and beg some stuffing off of someone at knitting tonight. It would be cute to do a smaller version, perhaps in gray angora with black accents for a penguin chick, eh?

And because I already have a large stash of yarn, and more is about to arrive (hopefully tomorrow), I must buy more, right? I'll be stopping by Bev's tonight. But to be fair to myself and others, I'll only buy enough yarn for a hat or three and see what's left after the actual yarn sale at the end of the month. Then I may allow myself to buy more if there remains something appropriate. I've got to get some more yarn storage.


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