Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Project pile up!

Projects are now beginning to pile up, literally. I've got projects in bags heaped in the back seat of my car, and I've got ones not yet started that need to be finished soon lined up in front of my closet in my craft room. One that worked up quite quickly was the Doucer et Soie simple lace scarf. This one came from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, labelled as Airy Scarf. I was gifted with 18 of the original 25g of the skein from Juli and decided this would make a quick and easy project for the VIMS winter auction to benefit Bev's Poodles. It took me two scavenged evenings of knitting and I doubled the length of the original scarf just to use up the skein. The mere skeleton of yarn that remains and will probably go for a stuffed animal accessory scarf.

And I take back what I said about that Turkish stitch string bag being simple. Too simple = complicated! I guess I can't keep track of YOs, and eventually I must have not paid attention to where my yarn was wandering because I had somehow knitted a portion of the bag together and then knit 3 or 4 rows on top of the mistake. I frogged it to nothing and rewound the yarn on the cone. I'll try this one again some other time on a longer circular so I can see my mistakes more easily. Instead, I'll eventually be making myself a much needed yoga mat bag out of that cotton.

For now, Juli's barter-cardi will take priority when I knit at home. Right now the back and left front panel are completed, and the right front panel is about halfway done. The prayer shawl is my travel project and when that's done I'll probably give it to Janet so it can find a home somewhere. Next up for Bev's Poodles will be Branching Out from Knitty, done in a skein of slightly glitzy and mohairy yarn donated by Juli (Filatura di Crosa, Gioiello -- what a name for a yarn!). I'm also condsidering some kind of Moebius shawl/scarf for the auction as well. And of course there's countless other projects waiting in the cedar chest.

Departure date for the Fiber Festival is fast approaching and I'm bringing in a book a day to scour for project material lists to enter into my spreadsheet. The financial officer at my workplace assures me that my new job bonus will be deposited on time for me to spend. Muhahahaha! If I can resist spending it all at the MFF, then I know there are many other projects I can still buy yarn for here at home. Tonight, Mahi before knitting. Yum!


At 10:25 AM, August 26, 2005, Blogger Nederlass said...

Ooh, I love Branching Out; you may wanna check out the blog we have at

Happy knitting!


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