Sunday, July 10, 2005

Project Linus blanket finished, barter cardi started

Saturday afternoon was spent sewing in the tails of umpteen skeins of yarn. There's a few different colors in the blanket (all in cream - so much for the Summer Sky bit, it's all clouds!), but it doesn't look bad as a finished product. I'll make the swap with Janet as soon as I hear from her.

That done, I finally had a chance to start Juli's barter cardi, made from Lopi. I'm between pieces of my cabled sweater, so I had the size 9 14" needles free to start the back of the cardigan. As of now, I'm almost through the 4" of ribbing that's called for in the pattern. I had to make a +200% blowup copy of the color chart to even begin to be able to read it! Geez, I'm not that old and I still would have needed a magnifying glass to make any sense of it. I don't think that the stockinette portion will take me long, nor will the sweater in general take very long. Provided that I have time to work on it.

Work on the house is progressing, with me trying to paint the remaining 6 of 8 closet doors. It takes 4 hours between coats x2, which means 8 hours to knit in, per pair of doors. Not bad. I may also need to start a smaller more easily transportable project, so I will try to start my gray llama hat as soon as possible. Only one more month until the fiber festival!


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