Sunday, May 01, 2005

When will it felt?

I'm in at work on a Sunday, making a quick post about my very slow introduction to felting. Saturday evening, I finished by Birthday Booga Bag and threw it into the washing machine with some old jeans to felt. The directions say it might take 3 or 4 trips through the machine to achieve desired felting. Well, I've gone through five iterations, count them, five, and it's still not quite there yet. When, oh when, will it felt?! Just to see how I feel about the quasi-finished product, I decided to block it anyway. And guess what fits perfectly inside the mostly felted bag? A cardboard box from a case of Yuengling.

And if I still don't think it's done enough after it dries, I can throw it in the machine again when I finish my second bag to be felted. That's right, I'm doing another one. I figured that I might as well use up any significant amounts of leftover wool, so I'm knitting up the tail ends of my Lopi sweater kit. I've saved the white for a hat, since bleached yarn doesn't felt, and the light green will probably go with it for a two color fair isle somethingorother pattern. Time to put samples in the processor!


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