Friday, March 25, 2005

On color

At the most recent Wednesday night S&B meeting, I was talking to the group about my choices in color. The Noro scarf that I'm currently working on is coming out in a beautifully ordered symphony of color, but they're all quite drab. Black, gray, brown, soft purple, wheat, etc. But hey, I like drab colors! They suit me. I'll say it once and I'll say it again: I'm a plain Jane kinda girl when it comes to colors. About the loudest things in my wardrobe are my hiking jacket (electric purple -- my other choice was laser red, but bright reds make me look jaundiced), and my bright green Peace Fleece sweater. That's a lesson for you that color on your computer screen and color in your hand are two different things entirely. Most everything else in my wardrobe and yarn stash is gray, green, brown, black, navy and maroon.

I commented on the fact that I'm having to learn how to wear color. Beverlee, that wise woman, made a very astute remark that because I lived and worked in the Nevada desert for a while (10+ years), I am probably influenced in the way I see color and I choose them as they make me feel comfortable. All those drab colors are home. A million shades of brown (earth, dried up plants, deer, rocks), quiet sages, gray and purple mountains in the distance. Thinking carefully, I realize that her words held a lot of truth. Ever since I've lived in Virginia, I notice that I am sick and tired of seeing green about 3 weeks after the trees get their leaves. It's nice at first because I've been staring at naked brown trees all winter. Then it just turns into sensory overload.

I'm not going to stop trying to learn how to wear brighter, more vivid colors, but I certainly won't feel bad about wearing what's comfortable, either.


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