Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Do you ever have those days where you're mad for no good reason? And then every little thing that goes wrong seems like a catastrophe? Well, today is one of those days. Work has been quite trying this week because of all the power outages we've been having. (I work on a computer, so having no electricity really puts a crimp in my job.) My town is not known for having a well constructed power grid, and it seems to have problems when the wind blows too hard, it rains, snows, or sometimes the power goes out for no good reason. (Go figure.)

I've been so busy in the evenings after work that I haven't had time to relax. Pack, pack, pack! Clean, clean, clean! No knitting, no reading, not even a bad TV show. And I don't even watch TV! (We don't have cable, and of the 3.5 channels we do get with an antenna, I don't consider Survivor or The Apprentice to be quality programming.) Tonight is my weekly knitting group's meeting, but I'll be stuffing and sewing the toy rabbit. I'm desperate to knit some cables on my not-so-Lush sweater. A large bowl of cookies-n-cream ice cream wouldn't hurt either.


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