Thursday, March 03, 2005

At your service

Our small little Wednesday night S&B group is finally beginning to shape up. I believe we had about 8 people in attendance, plus one... Our newest members are Beverlee and her service dog Lennox: a Standard Poodle. Beverlee is a multitalented individual, having a Ph.D. and Ed.D.; she is a knitter, a spinner (wheel and spindle), has knowledge about dyeing yarns, and of course breeding, raising and training Standard Poodles as service dogs. What a wonderful addition!

She brought along some samples of yarn she'd spun and dyed with Kool-Aid, as well as a small bit of Poodle yarn. Very interesting stuff. A strange soft, dense yarn with a lanolin-like feel. Seeing as how Poodles are water dogs, it makes sense. Beverlee says her Poodle yarn sells very well on Ebay.

As for actual knitting, I managed to get all the pieces for the toy rabbit made up, but I still need to obtain stuffing to finish it off. In the meantime, I keep trying to work on my Irish Hiking scarf. I haven't had much free time in the evenings these days and with a move to the new house coming up, knitting time will probably be getting more and more scarce. At least I've been working down the size of my stash so I won't have so much to move!


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