Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Started Irish Hiking Scarf

On January 27th 2005, I wound the yarn for and started knitting my Irish Hiking scarf. The yarn is a lovely heathered brown-gray color from Australia (Meskills Woolworks), DK weight, using size 8 needles. The skein was originally 500g, but I split it with the friend that so kindly bought it for me, so my entire portion is dedicated to the scarf.

I tried to resurrect my ancient digital camera (megapixel is NOT in it's vocabulary!), so until I get a new one all of my pictures will be crappy. Yes, there are three cables on that scarf! And the camera doesn't do any sort of justice to the wonderful color of this yarn. I'll try to get a nicer picture of it when I'm all done.


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