Thursday, February 10, 2005

Knits ahoy!

Last night's knitting group was a blast. At first it looked like we were going to have a very small turnout, only two of us... then three. There are usually more, but late winter colds have decimated our number. About halfway through our session, two new people showed up. That in itself is a wonderful thing because we are a small, new group. The second thing is that one of the two new people is a guy, and the reason he knits is because of his job, which is working at Jamestown, VA. There was a need for historically correct knitted items and he stepped up to the plate. The third cool thing is that I'm now looking forward to volunteering on a big square-rigger!

Yes, once upon a time I used to sail with a crew on a "racing boat," the good old Cognac Breeze. (30' Catalinas are not meant for racing, but we did anyway.) Getting back to work on boats, especially big ones, would be much fun. I only hope that buying a house and fixing it up doesn't cut into my weekend time too much, which is about all the time I have left to volunteer in. Perhaps this summer we can all learn how to knit hammocks with broomsticks!


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