Monday, February 14, 2005

One round at a time...

Jeez, this Lopi sweater is starting to feel like running a marathon. I've been trying to squeeze in at least 5 rounds of knitting a night, and the rounds with three colors are actually taxing my brain. I'm almost done though, the end is definitely in sight. Round 21 of 43 of the yoke! Then I get to tuck in all those little ends and graft the sleeves to the body under the arms before I can wear it in public. ("Excuse me, but did you notice that your sweater has a hole in the armpit?")

I'm going to have to take a break soon and knit up something quick, like some Feline Dim Sum, just so I can feel like I accomplished something. There's no telling whether or not my cat Pandora would appreciate it though. She won't eat anything but her cat food (not even treats), but if I stuff it with enough catnip, she should go for it. I can only pray the dog doesn't eat it, or worse yet, simply pick the stitches out and leave a mess. (She has picked the stitches from and eaten the stuffing out of 4 incarnations of cloth lobsters. Not pretty.)

Pictures of some of my finished (and unfinished) items are now up, and more should be coming soon as I continue to bum the use of digital cameras from my various friends. Ahh, rainy Monday.


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