Friday, February 18, 2005

A happy cat, another hat

I knit up the wonton variation of the Feline Dim Sum on Tuesday night, and thankfully my cat loves it. It only took a tiny amount of scrap yarn, a couple minutes of sewing, and voila! Instant human entertainment. Trust me, I think I get more out of that little toy than the cat does. I've attached it to a string to make life more interesting, and it gives Pandora a chance to "hunt" it down. No eggroll for her, though... I ran out of catnip.

After Wednesday night's S&B knitting group, I started to wonder if I kept knitting on my Irish Hiking scarf and used up the entire ball of yarn, how long would my scarf be? (Answer: about 0.6 miles) It's almost halfway to a comfortable length now, and I'm nowhere near close to using up half the yarn. I'm going to see if I can work from the outside of the skein and squeeze a hat out of it before I complete the scarf.


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