Thursday, March 10, 2005

Are we there yet?

Last night at my knitting group, I was able to get the toy rabbit stuffed, sewn, and embroidered. And he's damned cute! Except for the fact that his poor little bum is naked. What self respecting rabbit would go without a tail? I've got to make a little pompom to fix that situation. Also, the "scar" from the neck definition cinch isn't overly attractive, so I'm going to knit a cheery scarf as a cover-up. Almost done...

Oh, and so is winter. I hope. We keep getting these warm teaser days which always seem to be followed by snow and/or freezing temperatures. Man, I'm tired of being cold!! So as a little reminder to myself, here's a bit of Virginia springtime, on it's way. And the dogwoods around here do have buds!

On a related note: last Saturday I went to a quilting store to buy fabric for my quilt. No, I don't quilt myself, but I bartered with a friend of mine at work who quilts but doesn't knit. I said I would make her a Lopi cardigan in exchange for her making me a queen sized quilt. I bought a little over $150 worth of fabric for it!! Quilting is just as bad a habit as yarn is. This morning, I got to preview one of the squares, and I like the way it looks. It will probably be done just in time for the new house! Only a few weeks until we close.

In two weeks, there will be pictures of rabbits and more, I promise!


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