Thursday, April 28, 2005

Not so loud

I have wet lab duty this week at work. What does that have to do with anything? Well, while the filters are being cleaned, I have about 15 minutes to kill by knitting. My Booga Bag is working up fairly quickly, and I've gone through about one and a third skeins already. However, it seems to be coming out a lot darker and more green that I would have expected. The nice bright yellows and oranges from the first skein got worked into the bottom of the bag and will never be seen. The color progression of each skein is off by just a bit, so I'll have to do some fiddling around to try and get more yellow in the body of the bag to brighten it up. When I get to the third and final skein, I plan on working the I-cord first and trying to use up the last bit of yarn in the body of the bag. At least I haven't come across any knots yet! *fingers crossed*

I absolutely can't wait to felt this thing though, regardless of how the colors come out. I need a distraction from hats and scarves, and felted bags just might be it.


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