Thursday, April 07, 2005

P.L. blanket nearing completion

Yesterday was a complete bundle of chaos. We had lovely 80 degree weather outside and 85+ degree weather in our office because the air handling system at work wasn't doing what it was supposed to. It actually felt like the heat was on! That made for a pretty miserable work day.

Then I left to go and get my hair cut, and the guy that does my hair was way behind schedule, so I was an hour late getting to my S&B knitting group. But what a nice surprise to see our numbers increasing! The usuals were there, in addition to a returning member (back from a month with her new grandbaby), and two of her friends. I'm still miffed for missing out on a whole hour of stitchin' and bitchin' -- hey now, this really is my only social activity where I get out of the house and away from work! And as usual Bev, Lennox, Don, Shannon and I all stood around in the parking lot for a Welsh goodbye. I didn't get home until 11pm. So what did we do?

The Projet Linus blanket is nearing completion. I, as well as a couple other folks, brought in squares, so we're maybe 4 squares shy of completion. Being as this was the first meeting of the month, our charity project this go around was preemie hats. I'm not quite sure where they're going yet, but there were at least 3 finished hats and more than that on various needles. The hat I started is in a lovely dusty blue color using a very ancient ball of Lion Brand Le Chic imported from France. Honest. I wish the label had a date stamp on it because I'd really like to know how old this yarn is.

Another thing worth noting: one of the ladies in my group has a husband that turns pens. My boyfriend woodworks and has plenty of pen blank-sized scraps laying around. I gave him some of the aforementioned scraps and we got a free pen as a trade! It's made of cherry with silver accents, and the grip is intelligently turned so as to provide a very comfy grip.

And you know what? I just had a digital camera in my hot little hands Wednesday at lunch, but it was returned to its owner. Alas. There will be knitting pic updates within the next few days, but a picture of the pen will have to wait until the next batch. That will give the cherry a chance to darken up to a nice, rich red. So there!


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