Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A snail's pace

The second sleeve to my cabled sweater is almost done! I'm about 10 rows from the end, and can perhaps start the back of the sweater tonight at my knitting group. Now that I'm nearing the halfway point of the object, I can't help but think about what I want to knit next. I know I have that whole list of items, except I'm really itching to work with the llama/alpaca yarn that I've got. I want a shawl!! All of the patterns I want to work up require more yarn that what's in my possession, so I need to do what -- buy more!! Gayle, at the Fuzzy Farm, should be getting yarn back from the mill any time now, so I guess I know who I'm calling.

Work on the house is progressing as fast as my knitting. We finally got all the wood floors down in both rooms last weekend. Now it's up to me to get the trim painted while Dave works on the base molding. One door painted, one to go. Then there's all kinds of little stuff like hanging curtain rods, last minute patching and spot painting, etc. I can't wait to move in! Maybe next weekend...


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