Thursday, June 09, 2005

Start of Project Linus blanket: Summer Sky

Last night I finished the second sleeve to my cabled sweater, so I figured a much easier project was in order. I can't keep dragging charted projects to my knitting group every time! I found a free pattern for a rib check baby blanket and decided to use it. What a nice, easy, textured stitch. After digging in my donated yarn stash, I came up with 8 or 9 very partial skeins of cream colored worsted weight yarn. Even though there were all different brands, they were somehow all the same color! The only other thing in the bag that went with it (and wouldn't make the finished product look like some horror from the 60s) were 2 kinds of blue-periwinkle yarn, one in a light shade and the other slightly darker. I'm not sure how far the cream colored yarn will get me, so if I do run out, I'll have those 2 blues as back up. I'm not sure if I'll just join color to color or if I'll try to do a striped gradient.

My llama yarn is still calling to me from inside my cedar chest, but I'm determined not to work with it until my craft room is set up. Curtains are hung, door molding is in place, and floor registers are in, but the base molding is still avoiding its inevitable installation. Maybe this week...?


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