Monday, August 01, 2005

End of the afghan

After what seems like millenia, the zig-zag Homespun afghan is finally finished. I started it in May 2002 and finished it on Saturday. I think it only took me a few weeks to actually crochet all the squares necessary, but it's taken me until now to finish putting it together. This is how much I hate sewing. Now I can move on to other projects with the remainder of the yarn that I overbought. I have 9 skeins of green left which will go towards a sweater coat that I'm sure I'll enjoy wearing around the house this winter. The 5 skeins of white will go for a prayer shawl and perhaps a scarf or pillow covers. All that yarn worked up will put a substantial dent in my stash. And to think that it's all acrylic! (Yikes.) Not long now until the Fiber Festival, so I'm knitting as fast as I can!!

And since I finished a project, I figured that I was allowed start a project. Now on the needles is the Turkish stitch string bag. The pattern is simplicity itself (K2tog, YO for the most part), except the YOs sometimes seem to disappear when I'm not looking, and it rather screws up the pattern. I've probably gotten about 95% of the stitches right so far, and I'm not that concerned how it looks as this will be a well-used cotton string grocery bag. If I ever make another one, at least then I'll know to be aware of those pesky skipped YOs.


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