Sunday, July 24, 2005

On your mark, get set...

On Saturday, I finished the back of Juli's cardigan, and today I started the left front panel. Lopi works up so quickly in a single color, but even the charted work goes quickly when you're only working half the width of the sweater. I only got through a few charted rows before I had to stop. Monday will be devoted to house renovations, Tuesday to cleaning house, and Wednesday to working on my cabled sweater. I haven't even been keeping up with my one square a day addition to my afghan, so only marginal progress has been made there. (read: one square)

It's almost the end of the month! Only a few weeks remain until the MI Fiber Festival... that means I better get my behind in gear and get my project wish lists in order so I can look for specific yarn instead of buying at random and getting myself in trouble.

Good news: my new job comes with backpay for work I did before I was hired, and I get that August 1 with the next paycheck. Hooray! I need to get those needles flying and finish at least one more major project before I leave for MI....GO!


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