Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Auction site secured

Today I was finally able to catch up with our library director and get her permission to use VIMS library space for the auction to benefit Bev's poodles. Whew! I was getting worried that I would have to sell items out of my office or out on the street. Another step in the right direction: yesterday I spent $170 on yarn at Handknitting.com, about half of which is going to be used to knit auction sweaters. The other half is for me to knit sweaters for myself. I love Lopi, and it was cheap. I couldn't help myself. The total order amount (2 of my friends helped out, too) was almost $300. No more credit card spending for me for a while.

Another happy knitting note: I'm almost done with the Branching Out scarf. We've been doing some major and unexpected renovations on the house, so that's slowed things down a lot, but I'm within one (possibly two) repeats of the lace pattern before I can finish off the scarf. By then, my giant Lopi order should be here from Canada. Oh boy.


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