Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Almost time to go!

In about 24 hours, I get to leave for MI in preparation for the Fiber Festival. Yay! I haven't been able to finish any other projects yet, so I can only hope to do so on the road during daylight hours. Tonight I will be packing up my drop spindle and yarn for a couple of projects to keep me occupied until I can actually buy yarn for more things. The two workshops I signed up for aren't until Friday. I'm taking a class on handpainting yarn that morning, and the beginner drop spindle class in the afternoon. That gives me all day Thursday to relax and visit with the critters at the Gauthier Homestead.

Hopefully I can get some good 35mm camera shots of all the fun I'm going to have and scan them in later. Signing off for a week...

P.S. I did get my paycheck bonus, but damn those federal taxes!!! O_o


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