Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Playing catch up

No, I didn't go anywhere. Work and life have just been far too busy to allow me to post an update. Since the last post -- almost a month ago -- all the yarn has come in from Canada. I've got 4 sweaters worth of Lopi, and I've had about as much time to knit as I've had to post to my blog. Grr. First off, I started the 3-color sweater, as I figured one less color to worry about would mean a faster completion time. Yeah, right. I have both sleeves done and the ribbing band on the body. I was hoping to do two sweaters for the auction, but at this rate I may only get one. I can always pray for a freak snowstorm that will keep me house-bound for a couple of weeks. Then I'll have a hope of getting my projects done.

On the other hand, other items have been trickling in here and there from the group. Don contributed a Knot-in-a-Bottle, Angela crocheted a poncho and is currently working on a stole, Kitty has made two tote bags and a felted hat, Patrice and Jan both made children's sweaters (one penguin, one whale), and there's some other stuff I can't remember. Juli has been kind enough to loan me her digital camera, so I hope I can get good pictures of all these items and post them soon.

Pasha is still awaiting stuffing, which Jan will hopefully get to me this week. That will be one more item completed! I really didn't expect the auction participation to snowball like this, but I'm glad for all the momentum we've gained. I only hope I can keep up. House repairs are going full tilt and other things keep squeezing themselves into my schedule without permission. So there's the quickie update. Thankfully, tomorrow is Wednesday!


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