Monday, January 30, 2006

Don't mess with the penguin

Scott, having safely traveled to Antarctica with his new beanie, has sent back pictures to show how much he's enjoying his new hat. (My thanks to the photographer, photoshopper, and fellow knitter who took the pictures, but I don't know the name of.) Scott also reports that he's gotten quite a few compliments on it... so much the better! I never thought my knitting would travel so far abroad. So just beware, if you have travel plans to Antarctica in the near future and run into Scott, don't mess with the penguin.

Also in the world of knitting requests, I've been asked to knit -- of all things -- legwarmers! Barb, one of the ladies that I drum with on occasion, can't seem to find any commercially produced legwarmers that suit her, so she asked if I could make her a pair. It's so much fun yarn shopping with other people, making them something from their purchase and seeing them smile.

Lastly, I got to put a few more rows on that lace shawl (Cozy) I recently started, and it is actually starting to look like the picture. Although I think the pattern looks more like leaves than feathers. But who cares, it's pretty either way!


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