Thursday, January 18, 2007

Turkish patterned hat finished

Turkish patterned hatThe day I left Victoria for Seattle (31Dec2006) I started this hat. I finished it last night (17Jan2007) at my knitting group! One project down, too many to go.

I've also been commissioned to do a hat for Chris, my friend from Couchsurfing. This coming Saturday, he volunteered to go yarn shopping in VA Beach at Ewe Knits, a store I've never been to. (Muhahahaha....) It's great when I can have other people buy the yarn for me to work with, so I'm basically getting my fix for free. I won't have any time between now and then to finish anything else I've got going, so I'll still have a running total of at least 6 WIPs. It will be a miracle if I do finish anything before summer, as I'll be starting class (human physiology) in one week. I've got to see if I can fit the upcoming Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival into my schedule... anyone got a carpool going?


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