Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What do you mean it's not done yet?

I've given up on trying to work lace at my Wednesday night knitting group. Invariably I make a mistake while I try to knit and run my mouth at the same time, and I actually made negative progress last week! The Viking tank top has become too complicated to drag along (one book for the cable chart, another book for stitch directions), and the Lopi pillow cover doesn't have yarn available for the other half yet. So I'm left with dragging my poor cabled sweater out of the accumulated dust of my craft room. I've been working on that thing for ages, and it's been sitting for a couple of eons after that. Time to get busy again. I will wear it this winter. And there's no starting another sweater for myself until this one is done.

I also got my camera back from Canon... it works! (And I promise to try not to drop it ever again!!!) I've got to catch up on a few pictures and post them as time allows. Time for dinner, then off to knit. Ciao!