Monday, March 03, 2008

The blog returneth!

Wow. I guess that was some kind of hiatus, eh? I was in a bit of a life slump and just couldn't bring myself to post anything. Not much knitting got done either, especially not with classes (human physiology and anatomy) getting in the way. But now I'm back, knitting with a vengeance.

Experimental Viking Cable Vest What all have I been up to? I've got who knows how many projects on the needles, but I finally got my Ravelry account off to a good start today. (You can find me there as Kamigaeru. Surprise.) I recently finished an experimental vest using Viking inspired cables from one of Lavold's books. It also gave me a chance to use some very nice, old buttons that a friend of mine gave me some time ago. (Thanks, Wookali!) The pattern called for seven buttons, but I managed to squeeze in the six I had without too much puckering along the button band.

Persephone Scarf: in progressStill on the needles is Persephone, a scarf worked up with yarn I got when I was in Victoria, BC. Initially, this yarn was destined for another scarf, but I didn't like the way it was turning out since there just wasn't enough drape in the wool yarn. The cables are so much better and overall this is much more suited as a traveling project. Speaking of cables, Shedir is still on the needles, and I'll probably wait until I finish something else before I get around to it again. Also still on the needles are the Lopi mittens made with scraps from my gradient grays sweater.

Erica Sweater: in progressAnd of course I couldn't resist starting a new project since I finished one. My rule was going to be finish two, start one, but that didn't last long. Behold the start of my Erica sweater! Yes, my very own sweater, with a big double-thick hood, in Lopi, named after me. How kind of those Reynold's folks, don't you think? The main color is the dark blue, with the green and orange being the accents. I had to go to two or three different sites to find the latter two colors because they are discontinued. The sweater isn't much to look at right now, but on big needles it should work up quickly. I'm going to have to go back to books and CDs on tape as I've watched all the DVD episodes of Lost and have nothing else to keep me company while I knit. My work day is done, so I'm going to run home and make some progress!